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    The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed, born from a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard Cat


    In 1973 Dr. Centerwall wanted to try to make it immune to feline leukemia domestic cats crossing them with a copy of Asian Leopard Cat. Unfortunately he could not aim, but began a new race, recognized in 1991, the "Bengal".

    Crossbreed occurred with specimens of Egyptian Mau, Burmese, Abyssinian and Ocicat, both to increase the genetic pool of the breed to make this cat more docile toward man; the first samples obtained were in fact a wild character and somewhat nervous. The Bengal cat is the only one to still have wild blood in his veins.


    • Size: up to 8-9 kg male and female around 6 kg.
    • Head: In proportion slightly smaller body, the head should resemble that of the leopard cat, the chin should be very visible, whisker pads large and flashy, the profile quite right, a long face and skull round to your back.
    • Ears: small or very small, rounded at the tips and wide at the base.
    • Eyes: eyes large, round or slightly slanted, of any color. The brown color belonging to the Asian leopard cat is highly regarded among breeders.
    • Tail: medium or relatively short length, thick and with a rounded tip, held downwards as opposed to the domestic cat that the door stood up.
    • Legs: sturdy, the longer rear than the front.
    • Coat: Short, close to the body and incredibly smooth and silky.
    • Color: Brown / Black Spotted Tabby and Snow leopards (snow leopards), both with spots prominently and in color from reddish-brown to deep black.

    Character and care

    The Bengal today, provided they have any ancestors of Asian Leopard beyond the fourth generation of cats are affectionate and absolutely suited to apartment living. His movements are those of his predecessors, it is therefore essential not to expect a quiet cat and couch. The Bengal loves to jump, run and still has a slight predatory instinct toward small animals. It is important to give him room to run and possibility of motion, this however categorically within the walls of the house or a walled garden, his feline instinct fact is always mixed with the calmness of a purebred cat is not able to manage a life in freedom as would a "street cat". The Bengal establishes an exclusive relationship with the owner and often find it hard to share with other animals, especially cats of the same sex.

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    Billī Bengal is a cattery for the Bengal cat's selection in the colors Brown / Black Spotted Tabby formed in January 2010. Its name comes from the Hindi language where Billī (बिल्ली) means the cat.

    The farm is located in the lush countryside of the ancient mill "rivo of Agnone" in Villa Latina (FR) Italy in Ciociaria about 100 km south east of Rome.

    Our passion for breeding has led us to choose subjects of high aesthetic quality and particular characteristics at cattery that meet our same principles on the welfare of players. 

    Our players come from the best American and European farms and our breeding is associated with TICA The International Cat Association with cattery name BILLIBENGAL.


    All our kittens will be sold after the end of the third month of age, not before, when they have reached a good level of physical and emotional maturity. This period of stay at the cattery for the kitten is of primary importance, both for the physical phase than for that psychic, defined phase "socialization".

    Shortcomings and deficiencies in this period probably will produce an unbalanced adult cat that might have behavioral disorders. So better to have a little patience and wait for the puppy is ready both physically and mentally to go into a new home!

    All kittens will have the health card that certifies the vaccination (two doses of trivalent vaccine and worming) and the documentation supplied by us that attests race and genealogical descent.

    Our reproducers are tested negative FELV / FIV / HCM and are regularly wormed and vaccinated with trivalent vaccine, in order to ensure healthy puppies and in perfect physical condition.

    Our cats live on the cattery and are available to the vision of all and if you are interested in seeing them, please contact us to make an appointment.


    We believe necessary sterilization for every puppy that is not destined to become a player, regardless of gender, to live as a cat with all the faculties and reproductive oestrus thereto, repeated over time, without giving him the opportunity to give vent to his physical needs is a cruelty, as well as being a great risk to his health.

    An entire male running free for your home leaving olfactory signals through splashes of urine, to attract females in heat, and that does not have the opportunity to mate, intensifies his calls to make the family situation of who hosts it really unbearable . Not to mention the fact that until they have found a way to satisfy his instincts will try to escape, risking his life outside the home, or the fact that it will stop eating slimming visibly , changing his usual mood with that of a cat who believe not recognize at all.

    For a female is even worse. During the oestrus of the uterus is lowered, opening, and is more susceptible to infections and diseases, including pyometra or ndometrite. Even the female leaves the olfactory messages to call the male, and some always do it through the urine, in places well in sight and at your cat, such as sofas and beds. We add to the calls olfactory those vowels that are repeated and insistent, often nocturnal, long days and that certainly does not contribute to your dreams and those of your neighbors. Then let us remember that prolonged oestrus and are dissatisfied source of tumors, cysts and serious diseases that could force you to risky operations and urgent, just to save (perhaps) the life of your cat.

    Are you really sure that respect our favorite means leave it whole, with the reproductive powers, without giving him a chance to use them?

    Ask your vet: further clarify what we argued, diminishing your fears regarding the risk of an intervention now safe and never disabling for the cat. Some think it's better to do a litter and then sterilized. Nothing could be further from the truth.


    Since ours is a high quality breeding cattery, kittens availability is limited, we recommend to complete the questionnaire by clicking on the link to be included in our waiting list.
    Once checked the availability of the required kitten, we ask a deposit. Concerning this, hope for your understanding; In fact, we can not consider binding promises purely verbal, while the payment of a deposit shows your concrete interest. Only after that there will be received this payment we will reserve the kitten of your choice. If, for any reason, you decide to give up the kitten after the payment of the deposit, the amount will be withheld. If for a valid and serious reason for us not possible deliver the kitten requested, we will offer a puppy of equal value and type.
    Billī Bengal will feel free to define conditions of sale of their kittens.
    Visit kitten's page for the availability.

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